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Welcome to the Schoolhouse!

Hey, My name is Amy Gannett. And I’m obsessed with all things Bible study and helping you dig deep into the Word of God every day. I’m a mama, church staff member, and a small business owner. But I’m also a Bible School and seminary grad, which means I have made it my mission to find how the Bible study tools I learned in the classroom can translate and transform our ordinary days. Wait until the house is quiet to have a meaningful quiet time? No way! We’re getting into context, authorship, biblical genre, verse by verse Bible study – all the nerdy stuff I loved in seminary, but made super simple so we can go deep in our study and get there fast. Think of this as your one room schoolhouse for Bible study – a place where you can study the Bible and learn how to study your Bible as you do. Grab your Bible, reheat your coffee one more time, and get ready to be challenged and encouraged as we study together each day. Welcome to the Bible Study Schoolhouse!  


Have you ever done a Bible reading plan where you flew through the pages at record speed, but then closed your Bible and wondered, What did I just finish reading?

Have you ever wanted to slow down? Go deeper? Linger in the questions that arise like, Who wrote this book of the Bible? And why? What were the lives like for the original audience? And why is this word used here? Why not another word?

These are good (and nerdy!) questions. And that's exactly why I started the Bible Study Schoolhouse. It is my joy to use what I learned in Bible School and Seminary to teach the Word to you through print studies and the Bible study tools. I literally took some of the most reached-for sections of my seminary notes, consolidated and simplified them, and made them available to you as easy-to-use card sets, studies, and more. 


There are two ways to study the Word with me!

Each year, I write and release exegetical Bible studies that aim to teach you about the passage we are studying together, and train you in studying the Bible so that you grow more and more confident in your ability to read the Bible and understand what you're reading. These studies are released in print and are available in the Bible Study Schoolhouse shop!

I also host a Bible study membership for folks who want to dig a bit deeper and do it in a community of Bible nerds and Bible nerd wannabes! In this online community, members have access to the entire library of Bible studies (over 12 studies and counting!), theology mini courses, and ministry mentorship series. Members also have access to member-exclusive Theology Book Club (hosted on zoom) and Office Hours. Enrollment to the Bible Study Schoolhouse Membership opens just four times a year to new members, so be sure to join our email list so that you can be sure you'll be among the first to know when the next enrollment date is announced. 


Get started with our free How to Study the Bible course!

After hearing from thousands of you about your desire to go deeper in your Bible study, I knew I had to create this course. You see, I have heard from so many that exegetical Bible study is intimidating. That it takes too much time. That when you read the Word you leave more confused than when you started. Can I just say? I GET IT. I was right there with you until I had a transformative three years in seminary.

You see in seminary, they give you these tools for studying the Bible, and they teach you how to use them. It is sort of like going to an excavation site and being handed tools for digging beneath the surface while also having someone teach you along the way how to use each tool. It was amazing and forever changed how I study the Bible. When I graduated from seminary, I found that a lot of folks were standing at the "excavation site" of Bible study without the tools they needed. I wanted to wave my arms wildly - You don't need to go to seminary to get these tools! I'll share them! I'll teach you how to use them! 

And that's why I created the How to Study the Bible course. It's 100% free and always will be. In this course you'll learn about key Bible study tools and learn how to use them in whatever passage you're studying. Here's your syllabus! 

  • Video 1: What is exegetical Bible study?
  • Video 2: What is biblical hermeneutics? 
  • Video 3: How to do a book overview study
  • Video 4: How to identify biblical genres
  • Video 5: How to do a word study

You can sign up here - again, it is complete free!

Want to gear up?

I always loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. Why can't we have that as adults, too? And why can't it be for Bible study?

Drawing on my Bible school and seminary training, I have created an entire line of Bible study tools that will equip you for deep and meaningful daily Bible study. Grab my favorite pencil pouch and highlighter set, the Old Testament Study Note cards that I use every single day, or this enamel pin that I wear on my denim jacket! The shop is full of tools for study and gear to encourage you along the way.