Free Bible Reading Plan Roundup (for you 2024 goals)

Have you ever struggled to get in God's Word daily? Something that has greatly helped me (Amy) in the past has been using a Bible reading plan. These plans assign you different passages to read each day, and they can serve you really well if you're not sure where to start! 

There are Bible reading plans that focus on different aspects of reading Scripture, and there are many that are totally free. I've rounded up some of my favorites below so that you can check them out!

The holidays are still ahead, but you might already be thinking about January 1 and hoping to be more diligent in getting into God's Word everyday. This is such a great goal, and it itself is evident that God is working in your life - you wouldn't desire to know him through his Word if he wasn't working in your heart, giving you that desire!

I'll be honest at the outset of this post: there are a lot of positives about using a Bible reading plan, but there's also something lacking in the roundup below. I'll share more about that at the end of this post (curious? Just scroll down!) 

Here are a few ways Bible reading plans help us:

  • They encourage us to START. Sometimes that is the biggest hurdle we face! We actually don't need someone to hold us accountable as much as we need to know where to start, and once we do, we dive right in! Reading plans can help you know where to start so that you actually do!
  • They give us structure. Structure is something that we all need, and often when you read your Bible, if you're anything like me, you find yourself unsure of where to stop reading. Do I read one chapter? Three? Five? Reading plans give you structure, and this structure can give you confidence.
  • They help you stay on track. Bible reading plans often give you five to seven days a week of reading, and you can actually check off boxes as you go so that you keep track of your Bible reading habit.

Here are a few of my favorite Bible reading plans (and the one thing I think is missing down below):

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

This will take you through the Bible in the order that the events unfolded, rather than in the assembled order. If you've never read this way, it can really help you understand the timeline of the Old Testament in particular!

Bible in a Year Plan

This will guide you thought the whole Bible in one year! If you've never read the whole Bible and you have a good amount of time to read each day, I definitely recommend this!

5x5x5 Plan

This plan works through the entire Bible in year, but only with readings for Monday through Friday. The weekends are set aside for reflection, which is great because it's a lot of reading each Monday-Friday!

30 Days in the New Testament

This reading plan will walk you through the entire NT in just 30 days! Each day will give you longer reading assignments that teach you about the life of Jesus and the letters of the apostles.

Can I tell you what I personally think is missing in this lineup (and what I can't seem to find online anywhere)? A Bible reading plan that encourages you to slow down and savor God's Word. My very favorite way to study Scripture is to slow down, focusing in on a shorter passage. I always want to be reading reading for context, but then I also want to devote intentional study to just one to three verses each day. 

Our team is working to create a Bible reading plan just like this. If you're served well by the plans above, grab one and get reading! But if you're like us, and you want to sit and savor God's Word each day, going deep and doing it each day, then stay tuned! We have a fun announcement coming your way soon!

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